Difference Between Oracle’s Openscript and HP’s QTP

The leading functional testing tools which are raising today’s market are Oracle’ Openscript and HP’s QTP. In this post I tried to make quick comparison between them.
Topic OATS-pic
What is it? Functional regression and load testing tool Functional regression testing tool
Supports Compatibility Testing and Reliability Testing. Compatibility Testing and Reliability Testing.
Transaction point Inserting transaction point is inbuilt Can be inserted programmatically
OS Support Supports different operating Windows/Linux Supports windows Operating system No Linux support till date
Reporting Structure inbuilt XML based reporting HTML reporting can be done  through  programmatically inbuilt XML based reporting HTML reporting can be done  through  programmatically
Application type Standalone but has inbuilt database Standalone but does not have  inbuilt database
Saving structure XML and folder structure Normal file structure
Underlying technology  Eclipse and java .net technology VC++,.net
Version history
Major releases
9.0 in 2010
9.1 in 2011
9.2 in 2011
9.3 in 2012
5.6 in 2002
6.5 in 2003
8.0 in 2004
8.2, 8.3 in 2005
9.0, 9.1 in 2006
9.2 in 2007
9.5 in 2008
10.00 in 2009
11.00 in 2010
Application Supports GUI-Graphical User Interface
Oracle Forms
Oracle Fusion Application
Adobe Flex

CUI-Command Line interface
GUI-Graphical User Interface
Standard Windows
Visual Basic

Also supports by adding add ins
SAP for Web
.NET for windows forms
.NET for Web forms
Power Builder
People soft
Small talk
Web services
TE (Terminal Emulator, It is for  Main Frame Applications)
WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
Silver Light (recently added, available in QTP 11.00 version only)

License can be found here
Seat or Node Locked
Concurrent or Float
IDE and feature Direct-Record,play,Browser selection,recorder configuration,Checkpoints,Break point
Integrated tools:
Create support package
Data migration tool
Database configuration
Load testing agent authentication
Reording,play Object Repository, Spying,checkpoints,output values,Step generator
Integrated tools:
Test Bach Runner, Password encoder, Test Results deletion tool
SQL Engine for database operation
VBSripting engine
MS Script Debugger
Browser supported Mainly Internet Explorer
Currently It is also supporting Mozilla
Internet Explorer
I found these are quick difference. Let me know if you find more.

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Nagaraju said...

gud comparision
when this tool wud be out in market

Animesh Chatterjee said...

It is already live-
Please check oracle's link

for further information

Anonymous said...

I believe you've gotten the 'Underlying Technology' backwards for these two. OpenScript uses Eclipse and java, and QTP uses VB Script and .net tech.

Anonymous said...

OATS present version is

Animesh Chatterjee said...

Correct I will update it

Kishore ch said...

Underlying technology in OpensCript is--- Eclipse and java and
Qtp is .net technology VC++,.net

Animesh Chatterjee said...

Thank you Kishore...Yes You are correct ..I will update it right now

Anil Chowdary said...


Can we use the scripts developed on Internet Explorer onto the other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari? Or do we have to create separate scripts per Browser?

Can you please clarify? Thank you very much in advance.


Animesh Chatterjee said...

QTP is little advance in this context ...It supports FF/Chrome with patch safari is not supported till 11.0 not sure 11.5.

OATS supports IE and very few support of FF

Animesh Chatterjee said...

But if you want support to FF,IE,Chorme,BB browser then design your testcases against Selenium webdriver.

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