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Test Batch Runner

Written By Ask QTP on Sunday, March 8, 2009 | 12:29:00 PM

This is an important tool for sequential execution of scripts created in QTP.To find out more bugs we start running the scripts in a Test Batch manner. If the recovery scenarios have been written correctly then this can be said of 100% automatic scripts execution can be done through Test Batch Runner.The test batch is also known as test suit or test set. Every test batch consists of a set of multiple dependent tests. In every test batch end stage of one test is base state of next test. Step:1--->Go to Start-->QTP-->Tools-->Test Batch Runner

Step-2-->Click Test Batch Runner to open it.The "Test Batch Runner" looks like the following window.

Step:3--->Click on the add button to add the scripts that will run on sequence.

add all tests you want to run

Now click on run....yes you are done.Go back and relax.QTP will do everything for you.

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Saurabh said...

This looks fine. But can you tell me whether we can save this batch run file? or do we have to create a new one each time I have to execute the tests??

Anonymous said...

yeah Good post but I guess you can save the file and also edit it for future executions...
I have a dout do you know an opensource like QTP which has the same functionality .... could you suggest me ?


Anonymous said...

How this utility will ensure that all prerequisite tests are passed. I mean how this utility will help us to check whether to exceute next scripts depending upon prerequisite scripts result.

Anonymous said...


I am using Test batch runner tool to execute many script at a time, but i m facing issue for the script which are running for more than 4 min. The script runs and QTP crashes there after.

Can you please suggest me to overcome this ?

Anonymous said...

QTP 11 script batch runner does not generate consolidated html batch run report. feature has been removed?

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